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We love what we do. And it shows! We offer a variety of services for the blogger - from 1st timer to experienced, from casual blogger to pro blogger. We can help you set up your site, teach you how to use WordPress and/or a theme, design a look and feel for your blog, teach you to use PhotoShop for blogging, plus we can arrange for you to Fire Your WebMaster and take control of your website with the powerful WordPress Content Management System (CMS). If you don't see what you need below, just contact me with a request.

Fire Your WebMaster $1,598

(offered once each year in the fall)
An intensive program that teaches you how to set up a WordPress CMS website and run it yourself. No more waiting for your webmaster to fix a typo or update a picture. No more expensive website changes. The 9-week program will walk you through the process of creating a custom website with WordPress that does not look like a blog. You finish with a complete working website that you can update and change as you like, on your terms and time frame.

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow $398

The program walks you through the process of setting up a WP blog on your website, customizing it with widgets and plug-ins, uploading photos, writing posts, etc. A 3-hour training program to get you started on the right foot.

PhotoShop for Blogging $198

The program walks you through everything you need to know to use PhotoShop and PhotoShop Elements for blogging. Learn how to optimize photos for the web, how to size your photos, what is the difference in a TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc. A 2-hour training program to ensure that your photos represent you in the best light.

Custom Website & Blog
Banners & Backgrounds $48-398

We listen to your goals and ideas and then design a look for your website or blog. We can use existing logos or design one for you.

Complete Custom Branding Packages Available

We can design a look and feel for your business. From logos to complete systems...no project is too small or large. Contact us today for a quote.

Additional WP services to get people on the web. It has 3 levels:

WordPress Blog Installation & Training $298

You just want to blog and want someone to make the blog work! This is for the busy person who already has blogging experience, but does not have the time or inclination to fool with their website's control panel. We will:

Template Blog WebSite Installation & Training $498

This is for the blogger ready to take their blog to the next level with a premium, custom template. We do all the messy control panel stuff, you just log on and begin blogging. We will:

Custom Branded Blog WebSite Installation $898

This is for the blogger who wants to brand their blog with a custom banner and background. We will:


Blog Design Solutions by
Cre8tive Compass (C8C)

Cre8tive Compass WP Coach designs custom blogs and websites for artists, artisans and the creatively self-employed in WordPress. We understand that you have many choices in web designers today...and we are excited that you found your way here, today...looking over the many options we have that can get you on the Internet quickly and affordably.

Why should you hire C8C WP Coach for your custom blog & web design?

All of our clients were faced with the same decision you’re facing right now! Who should we trust to bring our vision to the web? As an artist and creatively self-employed person for 25 years, I know exactly what you need and how to make it look like a creative person lives here.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire C8C WP Coach:

  1. First, we actually listen to you...what a novel concept! This is YOUR website, YOUR business and YOUR online identity that we are co-creating...so we very carefully listen to everything you say about how you envision your identity being presented to the world! It’s a simple concept... often overlooked by today's hot shot designers.
  2. Our services are affordable.
  3. Being a small creative business, we understand the very unique challenges facing you on the web. From brand identity and custom blog design; from social media strategies to online marketing...we are experienced and able to bring your uniqueness and personality to your website.
  4. C8C has been building beautiful blogs and websites for artists since 2005...it is something we are very passionate about.
  5. We have been there-done that. We offer a multitude of specialized web services: WP software upgrades and installation, website and blog design, branding, logo and graphic design, blog banner and background design, copywriting, social media and marketing strategies, and WebUcation. We listen to you goals and design a package to reach them or we teach you how to do it yourself.
  6. We are experts at identity and brand development for creatives! Simply put, we know what we are doing and can help you present your best you!
  7. We have happy clients and they will tell you why! Quality customer service is our best service.
  8. You always know exactly what is included in your design package. There are no hidden fees or surprises. You receive a detailed project proposal with everything laid out in a way you understand.
  9. We know people. If you challenge us with something beyond our scope or availability, we will connected you to people who can help you.
  10. We love what we do. My first book and guiding motto is ‘Do What You Love–Love What You Do!’ And it shows!

What you can expect:

Flexibility & Creativity

You never quite know what's going to happen and that calls for the ability to come up with new solutions when necessary and/or discard ideas when they become ineffective. At the same time, the coach should be comfortable with ambiguity, fast change and lots of uncertainty. We use every method available to today's savvy entrepreneur - social media, Internet marketing strategies, teleseminars, webinars, video and audio, podcasts, and much more.

Undivided Attention & Support

Your time is valuable and we will ALWAYS value it. We will create a supportive environment to grow as you do life-changing work and make life-changing decisions.

Interpersonal Skills

The coach must be adept at handling complex interpersonal dynamics and be able to deal with a wide range of personalities. Good listening skills are critical.


Coaching often involves sensitive personal issues and highly confidential information. Honesty, mutual trust, and the ability to keep a confidence are essential.

Direct Talk and Tough Love

Ultimately, coaching is all about achieving real life-changing results. The coach needs to be able to hold people accountable and demand tangible outcomes.

Entrepreneurial Insight

The goal of business coaching is to strengthen a person's performance as it relates to both individual and corporate objectives. An entrepreneurial background is critical to success.

Rebecca’s Clients:

- Desire to make a living and a life with your heart and hands.
- Are sole-proprietors or have fewer than 10 employees
- Are interested in making money, but money is not the top priority
- Desire to grow their businesses without sacrificing themselves, the people they love, or the planet
- Need a strategic advisor to hold them accountable
- Have many ideas but no focus to implement them
- Want to leverage social media but have no clue where to begin
- Want to open an Etsy shop and need help
- Want to get into galleries and shows
- Need a sound pricing strategy

Does Coaching Work?

People seeking coaching are self-guided, so the answer is yes. In order to make a good match between what you want out of the coaching experience and the person who can guide you throughout the coaching process, you will need to be cautious and ask good questions.

How to know if you need a mentor or coach...

People seek out coaches for many reasons. The people we coach are usually working through some significant transition in their life or career and believe that something is holding them back. The most valuable results of the coaching experience are: brainstorming, another viewpoint, encouragement, and being accountable to the coach.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy and it's not business strategy. You will do the work. The coach guides by asking the right questions that help the client figure out what behavior needs to change and how best to change it. You will learn to engage in authentic conversations and self-assessments to know yourself better.




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